Current headsets wont work with the PS4

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When you unbox your shiny new PlayStation 4 on the morning of December 13 (or about twelve seconds after midnight) you might find that your current, expensive headset doesn’t work with the thing. Especially if it’s Bluetooth – though USB ones wont work either. Yet.

That’s according to GameInformer, who got their information from Sony. If you have a headset that works using optical or HDMI, it’ll work for audio, but not for chat. It will get support in the future if it uses USB for its chat functions – after an update has gone out.

If you have one of those incredible Sony PULSE headsets, those won’t work either until a future system update adds support.

If, however, you use a standard Bluetooth headset for chatting or even audio purposes on your PS3, don’t expect it to work on your PlayStation 4. Ever.

Xbox 360 headsets, likewise, wont work for chat on the Xbox One out of the gate – but Microsoft has said it’ll make a converter available at some point in the future.

Last Updated: October 11, 2013

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