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Customize your base in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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You know one of my favorite things about the game Suikoden? As you recruit new people and progress through the game, your base grows and changes. Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting something similar, with even more customization.

Skyhold is your Inquisition’s base of operations in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You don’t start out with it, but early on you and your allies gather and realize that Skyhold is a bit of a fixer upper. As your Inquisition grows in strength, the facilities and amenities improve, making exploring your castle a nice way to gauge your progress. Plus, you can dictate how certain things are rebuilt – not in a micromanaging Sims way, but in general decor decisions:

As you explore the world and play different quests and side content, you gain access to, say, different thrones you can put in place. Different decorations, different heraldry and symbology. So you can customize and make it grow based on your choices and actions.

You can feel free to choose whatever appeals to you because it the customization is purely aesthetic – it doesn’t affect stats or abilities.

Like in Origins, your base is also a place to interact with your allies. All your allies will fine their own unique spots in the castle to call their own, and to decorate as fits their personalities. Players can go visit their followers and have all the casual conversations and interactions with them. This is also where a bunch of your romancing will happen, particularly if you want to seduce a companion who doesn’t travel with you while fighting.

You can also hold court in your castle, passing judgement on specific scenarios. These are related to quests and experiences you’ve had in the world. So, help someone in the countryside and their friends or family might come to you with a problem later on. Judgements range from the lighthearted to the oppressive, giving players the chance to rule with an iron grip if they so wish.

I seriously don’t think I can wait much longer for this. I’m so desperate for the game – I will be getting the Collector’s Edition and playing through December leave… if I can resist that long.

Last Updated: September 5, 2014

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