Dark Souls 2 reveals new details on items and characters

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Just how dedicated are you to a game? I’m talking the kind of dedication that goes beyond trying to save all the humans in Resogun, or clocking all the Riddler challenges in the Arkham games. Dark Souls is home to a particularly obsessive kind of fanbase. And one fan just translated an entire Japanese website in order to share some new details.

Reddit user Firexq (Via IncGamers) got ahold of a Pastebin entry, that had all the text from the Japanese website in good ol’ bacon and egg eating English. Posting all that info up, the thread revealed that Etsus Flasks will link back to the first Dark Souls game. Or something. Here’s the quote:

“Green glass bottles made sometime in the murky past. Filled at bonfires, drinking one will restore strength. They seem related to the fires that burn in the land of the undead, but the truth of this matter is no longer known.”

There’ll also be plenty of new items in the sequel, which got the following descriptions:

Human Figurine

A soft, warm, shadow-colored idol of a man. With it you can turn from a hollow to human aspect. Its appearance seems to vary depending on the perceiver.

Pharos Stone

Activates devices left behind by the wanderer Pharos. According to legend, Pharos traveled across many lands, leaving aid behind for those in need.

And of course, what kind of game would Dark Souls 2 be without a few new characters? Descriptions!

Mysterious Hags and their Maid Millibeth

Three crones whisper out to the player when he sets foot in Dragleic. Under the care of Millibeth, who are they? What do they have to say…?

The Green-Clad Pilgrim

A mysterious girl in green robes. She serves as a guide to player in Drangleic.

The Peddler Merentira

One of scant few survivors of the peoples of Drangleic. Unfortunately he now seems half mad. Having lost his home, he wanders with everything he owns on his back.

Blacksmith Renegatt

A cursed undead smith. Though his body has fully died, memory of his daughter and his craft remains. He can fix and reinforce your weapons and armor.

Armor Dealer Mafmuran

A merchant hailing for western kingdom of Bourgen. After many years dealing abroad, he’s somehow ended up in Drangleic. The meager buisiness here is depressing him.

Lucatiel of Mira

A warrior of Mira. Despite humble birth, he came close to knighthood through great feats of arms on the battlefield. Then the mark of curse took him. He has come to Drangleic seeking a cure.

Blue Knight Grindock

A religious seeker, this knight’s stout faith guides strict principles that he enforces on himself and expects of others. Despite admirable devotion to his sacred mission, he may perhaps be accused of narrow-mindedness.

Dark Souls 2 is out in March on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. So prepare to die all over again. And again. And again. And again…

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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