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Dark Souls 2 was made with next-gen in mind

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Dark Souls 2

Current-gen consoles will most likely see big new releases wind down on those platforms in 2014, but they’re going to go out with one hell of a bang. One such game bring in the final hoorah is Dark Souls 2, which is strictly current-gen material. But that doesn’t mean that the software built for that game is stuck forever on older hardware.

Speaking to IGN, From Software programmer Takasuke Ando explained that the technology used to create the pain and horror of the game resulted in a game engine that could be ported over to consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“We always had in mind the next generation, such as DirectX11 and next generation hardware when creating our technology, and also challenged ourselves as programmers to simultaneously create for the new generation,” Ando said.

The thing we prioritized when re-creating our engine was, as a concept, taking the graphics to a more photo-realistic look, and in order to fulfil this, we had decided to discard our old engine and create a new one.

According to Ando, that means that Dark Souls 2 has an engine that takes advantage of deferred rendering and physical-based rendering, stuff that is clearly way above my pay grade and head. Fellow developer Yoshitaka Suzuki added in that the game also combined graphical thingamajigs, such as animation engine NaturalMotion, Morpheme and clothing add-on Havok Cloth:

Both Morpheme and Havok Cloth are middleware that can be used in the next generation, and by implementing these now, they function on PS3 and Xbox 360, we wanted to implement now to be prepared and have a strong understanding.

Technically, this all means that Dark Souls 2 could make the jump from older console onto newer ones, but a more realistic expectation is to expect the software to be utilised on other projects that are new-gen specific. Still, there’s hope for a port, knowing Namco Bandai. Dark Souls 2: Definitive Death Edition anyone?

Dark Souls 2 goes beyond death in March, on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Last Updated: February 27, 2014

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