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Dark Souls is going to be brutal for "early" players

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If you ever played Demons Souls, then you no doubt know just how frustratingly difficult and merciless the title was. It was without remorse, and it caused many a gamer to throw in the towel. Geoff still goes into a comatose state whenever we mention the game.

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to that game, is launching this week in Japan, but of course, the game has already managed to wind up in the hands of pirates. From Software has come up with a creative solution to the problem, and its safe to say that it will make the title virtually unplayable to those scurvy software buccaneers.

According to Japanese blog Esuteru, developer From Software has enabled a feature that will allow other players to invade each other’s worlds, and they’re going to be sending some overpowered black mage tanks to take out the guilty parties.

Max level Black Phantoms will be crashing the party, and if these creatures weren’t already dangerous enough and hard to kill, then the overpowered versions that will be wandering around will be impossible to defeat.

One of these hunters boasts a level of 145, over 1900 health points, and all abilities completely maxed out. Edge magazine compared the stats to their reviewers’ character, and after playing for over 60 hours, his character could only boast about a pitiful level 43 character, with 1001 HP and abilities ranging from 8 up to 30.

As an anti-piracy method, its a unique and brilliant idea, especially in a nation such as Japan where everyone is constantly connected to the internet. It probably wouldn’t work out too well here with our pirates, but it’s also refreshing to see a developer use such a creative technique to protect their property.

Last Updated: September 22, 2011

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