Dark Souls will kick your ass

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Demon’s Souls was an underplayed, brutally unforgiving action-RPG that rewarded player patience and skill – and its multi-platform spiritual successor Dark Souls looks to continue that.

Here’s a new trailer that – after a brief bit of calm – will show you the many, many, many ways you’ll find yourself dying. Demon’s Souls was a fantastic experience for PS3 gamers with the testicular fortitude to keep playing it; and nearly nabbed 2009’s game of the year from the universally acclaimed Uncharted 2. Now, Xbox 360 gamers will get to experience similar frantic frustration in the tough-as-nail Dark Souls.

It’s slated for an October release – and thanks to Namco Bandai’s publishing prowess and the success of Demon’s Souls won’t see the same staggered release of its forebear. I can’t help but feel though that its release date may curse it to the same public indifference seen previously; its release not even a month before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an entry in a franchise that’s much more ingrained in to the hearts of the general RPG gamer might have many players waiting for that instead. What about you? Dark Souls or Skyrim – or like me, both?

Hit the jump for the trailer!

Last Updated: May 11, 2011

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