Dark Void Zero – Original DSi version arriving January

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Capcom have put together a website and video giving us some back story into the original Dark Void that never made it to the arcades thanks to the PlayChoice-10 being discontinued.

The PlayChoice-10 was the first (and possibly last) arcade cabinet to include 2 interactive screens and Dark Void was being developed to take advantage of this.

But once that machine was scrapped the game became useless and was shelved until finally being uncovered recently… what’s more is that we have the perfect machines for this game now in the shape of a Nintendo DSi. So in honour of the original Dark Void Capcom are finally releasing the original Dark Void onto DSWare in January 2010… this is one retro title that I may actually get.

Check the video for the backstory or click through if you prefer reading.

Source: Capcom

Last Updated: December 22, 2009

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