Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition is looking like a sharper remaster

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One of the best franchises to ever spring out of the last generation of gaming was undoubtedly Darksiders. It’s just a pity that it only lasted for two games, thanks to THQ backing the wrong horse and finding itself in financial doldrums.

Darksiders 1 and 2 are completely different games however. Two sides of the same coin, the original was a tighter and focused homage to The Legend of Zelda series of dungeon explorers, but with a refined sense of combat and exploration.

Darksiders 2 went open-world, packing in influences from MMORPGs and other big exploration games. But the two still retained a signature art style, courtesy of comic book legend Joe Madureira. And it’s the Darksiders sequel which is looking rather good.

Here’s a bunch of comparison shots of Darksiders 2 on old-gen and the upcoming, silly-named Deathinitive Edition. There’s a  definite sharpness to the upgraded edition, which also looks slightly brighter to me. See for yourself:

Darksiders 2 (1)

Darksiders 2 (2)

Darksiders 2 (3)

Darksiders 2 (4)

Darksiders 2 (5)

Darksiders 2 (6)

“When we thought about what we wanted to do for the “Deathinitive” edition of Darksiders II, obviously we wanted to run in native 1080p and increase the resolution of the textures,” Gunfire Games Design Director John Pearl said in a press release.

Additionally, we decided to rewrite the renderer to be physically based like a lot of other current generation game engines. What this means visually is metal, leather, stone and skin look and respond to light as you would expect them to in the real world.


This new rendering method meant we revisited every texture and surface in the game, reworking and re-authoring them for the new renderer. To take full advantage of these texture changes, we’ve also gone back and relit the entire game.

Thing is, I’d gladly play Darksider 2 again. It’s a massive game, that didn’t get nearly enough love on release. It’s a genuinely good game if you’ve got the hours to sink into it, and I’m curious to see just how different it is with the gameplay being rebalanced and enemies being fine-tuned.

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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