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Darksiders II is failing, end in sight for THQ?

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Back in early August I posted an article highlighting that Darksiders could make or break THQ as at the time their market cap was sitting at $33 million on a share price of $4.94. Well Darksiders II has now been released and while it has been a critical success it has only managed to sell around a million titles worldwide.

But a millions pretty good I hear you say, well according to Michael Pachter the rumour is that it needs to break over 2 million before THQ even breaks even on the title and seeing that sales slow after the first month and we are about to head into the busiest part of the year that really doesn’t look likely.

What’s more worrying for THQ is that the share price has now dropped to $4.33 on a market cap of $29.67 million; and with lower than expected sales from Darksiders pressuring them it really does feel like it’s now a do or die battle with the release of WWE in the coming weeks.

It’s a massive franchise but with UFC taking a large portion of the fans and the franchise itself having a huge licence fee I wonder if it will be enough to keep THQ afloat for much longer.

Last Updated: September 10, 2012

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