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Darksiders II was remastered to pave the way for Darksiders 3

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Last week, I reviewed Darksiders II’s silly-named HD remaster, The Deathinitive Edition. It was nice to jump back in to the game’s world, though what I really want is the conclusion; the stories centred on Strife and Fury. Yes, I know they’re not the Famine and Pestilence that should be the remainingHorsemen of the Apocalypse, but I don’t think games about hungry people and the bubonic plague would be very much fun to play.

My hope was that Darksider’s II’s remastered release would pave the way to the next game being made – one that would improve on the formula as much as the second game improved upon the first. And that could happen.

There are people who’re upset that Nordic Games has failed to capitalise on their acquisition of the IP, some of whom took to Steam to moan about that status quo. They do, however, plan on doing more with the franchise.

“Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition was just the start,” Nordic Games executive producer Reinhard Pollice said in response on the Darksiders 2 community forum on Steam (via PCGamer). “Since we acquired the franchise we were looking for options for doing a DS3. The remaster was just a way to get some spotlight on the franchise again, reactivate the community and have a better starting position for DS3.”

So yes, Darksiders II’s rerelease was a way for its new developers to become a little more intimate with the series, as well as gauge interest in a sequel. While the cynical grump in me would say that the remaster was little more than a cash grab, Nordic has been especially nice about it – offering the game up for cheap (and, in some situations, free!) to those who’ve previously spent their money on the game.

That said, this sort of thing always feels a bit like the franchise is being held hostage. “Buy this remake or you don’t get Darksiders 3!”

Last Updated: November 9, 2015

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