David Cage didn’t want to create a Heavy Rain Sequel

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Beyond: Two Souls, from Quantic Dreams looks to be pretty amazing. So amazing, that it’s just the the second game (after L.A Noire) to be shown off at the Tribecca Film Festival. It’s one of the experiences I’m most looking forward to this year. I hate to say “game,” because like Heavy Rain before it, it’s more of an interactive film than a pure gaming experience – but what it’s not is a sequel; because while David Cage is happy to learn from the past, he doesn’t want to recreate it.

“You never design in reaction to critiques otherwise you create a product. I’m not creating products,” Cage told Kotaku in response to Heavy Rain’s critiques. “I’m trying to create experiences. I try to be sincere in what I’m doing. Yeah, we heard a lot of good things. We heard a couple of bad things. Good, let’s move on. Let’s try to do something better next time and maybe something else totally different.”

“The only thing I didn’t want to do was a sequel to Heavy Rain,” Cage mused, echoing previous sentiments. “Like, ‘Oh let’s just do the same thing. Fix a couple of things here and there and just release the same game pretty much.’ We started from a blank page [with Beyond: Two Souls] and we tried to create an experience that would be different, that would play differently.”

Beyond: Two Souls is exclusive to the PlayStation 3, and will be released in October this year, just about a month before the PlayStation 4’s rumoured November release date.

Last Updated: May 7, 2013

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