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David Jaffe Sick of Artsy-Fartsy Game Industry

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David Jaffe is a man most known for making games about very angry bald Greek Anti-Heroes and dudes in cars crashing in to and shooting rockets at each other.

Not exactly the most high brow stuff, but pretty entertaining games! He’s also a man known for being outspoken – and his latest outburst, sparked by a fan saying they preferred gameplay over narrative – show he’s just fine with not making games with strong narrative.

“…Reality is, we work for the gamer and we want them as happy as they can be. We will push as hard as we can to get it perfect for every gamer until the time has simply run out… That said, I agree…  SO F*CKING SICK of artsy fartsy in this industry. Get f*cking over yourselves bitches."

I have to say I’m divided. I like good gameplay just as much as the next guy – but these days, without a compelling narrative I find myself losing interest in a game pretty quickly. It tends to be a good story that keeps me playing. Games like Uncharted 2 and Arkham Asylum  managed to combine the two quite nicely.

I’ve even enjoyed some of the more pretentious artsy games like Flower and Braid. Still, some developers do need to sit back and realise that they’re making games, and not high art.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2010


  1. ReAVeR

    June 23, 2010 at 17:55

    David Jaffe looks like Mike Meyers’ down-syndrome brother


  2. mitas

    June 24, 2010 at 09:06

    high art ? depends on how u look at the glass , half full or half empty ?


  3. Taiwanese Guy

    November 14, 2013 at 06:07

    BURNED FOOD is an ART FORM, too! That is because everyone screaming ARTY ART ART is a MASTER CHEF now a day!! {roll my eyes}

    FILM INDUSTRY is full of these ARTsy-FARTsy BEAN COUNTERS that can’t draw worth a damn, but consider themselves as HIGH ART and ARTISTS these days! Many of THEM have a shinny DEGREE at USC (top film school) and make BORING FILMS such as SUPERMAN RETURN (or SUPERMAN GONE GAY really) and just other simply UN-ORIGINAL STUFFS! THEY (and Dick Cheney CROOKS) sure worked hard to make crappy SOUTH PARKS drawing by cutting CIRCLES and SQUARES out off TOILET PAPERS and can NOT DRAW WORTH A DAMN with ADVENTURE TIME, CHOWDER, and so much more in USA now a day! That’s while COLLEGE DROP OUTS in JAPAN can make BLEACH, NARUTO, ONE PIECE, and so on, of course!! >=P

    I’ll let George Carlin explain this in better details! “George Carlin ~ The American Dream”, “Lying Politicians And Words”, “George Carlin – advertising and bull shit”, “George Carlin – Dealing With Homelessness”, “George Carlin – We Like War [PL]”, and so forth! That is while Dick Cheney and their GANGS such as Rupert Murdoch bought out IGN and other VIDEO GAMES review channels to give their BS REVIEWS and show their TYPICAL HATRED toward our HARD-CORE Smooth Gameplay VIDEO GAMES to promote their ANTI-GAMEPLAY Narrative BS one by one into our VIDEO GAMES with even TETRIS with 20 min. of cutscenes each time a new group of blocks enter a main screen! GAMERS just should not have FUN at all PLAYING ANY VIDEO GAMES! In fact, GAMERS must be READING 900-pages of TEXT in each one of those VIDEO GAMES with even TETRIS because VIDEO GAME just have to be like READING A NOVEL! Screw GAMEPLAY!! =/


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