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Days Gone alternate gameplay shows how weather and time affects your style of play

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Days Gone alternative path gamplay shows the effects of weather

So you saw the new Days Gone gameplay during PlayStations Showcase at E3 right? The one where our intrepid biker hero Deacon used a zombie (sorry, Freaker) horde to steam roll an enemy camp and save his friends? What happens if that horde wasn’t there for you to take advantage of? What if Deacon didn’t set off that alarm early on in the gameplay? These are the types of questions that developers Bend Studios wants you to be asking, and exactly what they’re showcasing in a new gameplay demo.

The narrated gameplay is more or less what was shown to press at E3 behind closed doors. it shows off the same mission structure, but with entirely different parameters. Instead of during the night in the warm air, Deacon is now tackling things in the snow during the day. This has some tangible effects, especially on just what you have at your disposal when it comes to the environment. Check it out.

The biggest changes here are the Freakers. Or, the lack of them. The snow might make the Freakers stronger, but it seems as though that massive horde is nowhere to be seen. Other aspects like rain will keep the quick foes hidden, while the light will draw them out. The weather has an effect on Deacon’s gear too, with his bike handling differently on the snow-slicked roads. Wildlife, too, will react to the presence or absence of warmth, as the wolves in the previous demo seem to have hunkered down for the storm instead.

These are all elements of a living open-world, but it’s neat to see them play out in such a direct fashion. In the demo Deacon also makes good use of “Survival Vision” – a sort of detective vision mode that allows him to see enemy tracks, resources and more. This also allows Deacon to act a little more stealthily when entering the camp, using his bow to great effect too.

There’s a lot to Days Gone that feels familiar, which is probably why nothing is really screaming out at me just yet. There’s still no release date, but Bend Studios has said to expect more on the game in the coming months.

Last Updated: July 14, 2017

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