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Days Gone is celebrating its first year with some impressive numbers

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It may have gotten a mixed reception, but if there’s a game on my list that I’m still dying to play when I get the chance to do so, it’s Sony Bend’s Days Gone. Part zombie apocalypse, part biker breakfast run and completely brutal in its setup, Days Gone prided itself on creating a sandbox that didn’t pull any punches as it made a beeline directly for your delicious flesh.

The game didn’t do too badly either, as Days Gone clearly has an active hub of players who have clocked some impressive hours within that Oregon trail sandbox over the course of a year. With 365 days gone in Days Gone (HA!), Sony Bend decided to celebrate with numbers highlighting just how busy the fanbase has been in the first year of Freaker-slaying action.

Here’s a look at the overall numbers:

  • 200 million hours have been logged in Days Gone so far by the collective fanbase
  • 42 000 days days have gone by playing Days Gone
  • 45 million hordes have been cleared
  • 32 million infestations have been exterminated
  • 30 million ambush camps have been sorted out
  • 30 million Nero checkpoints have been cleared
  • 100 million trophies have been earned
  • 1.4 million patches have been earned
  • 1 trillion challenge points have been won
  • 12.5 million challenges completed
  • 450 million collectibles discovered
  • 8 billion credits have been spent on bike maintenance and repairs
  • 655 million dumpster dives have been logged
  • 342 million encampment visits confirmed

Most impressive of all? The numbers for photography, as Days Gone players clearly have an inner shutterbug that likes to take advantage of the game’s photo tools. Snapping some scenic pics, more than a million players have taken to the Oregon mountains to grab some beautiful and haunting photographs of a world devastated by the Freaker apocalypse.

Not bad at all for Days Gone, a game that didn’t have a lot of heat behind ahead of last year’s launch but certainly did earn itself a devoted following. I’ve got to make a plan to grab this game. And find a way to stop time itself so that I can actually play it.

Last Updated: April 28, 2020


  1. This game wasn’t bad at all. It is just way too long. Like 20-35 hours too long. It kind of felt like it didn’t want to end. I had to force myself to just do the main missions to get the game done. As soon as he went through the mountain the game should have stopped. The second game could have picked up right there in 2-3 years time.


  2. Pofadder

    April 29, 2020 at 09:53

    This game is brilliant! I loved it. If Mad Max and the last of us had a bastard love child, this is it.


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