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Days Gone is getting a survival mode and weekly challenges from June

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Surviving the ankle-biter apocalypse is easy, so long as you have friends. Especially if you can outrun them when the Romero hits the fan. Days Gone gives you a better and probably less dickish way to survive on its Oregon trail, in the form of a motorcycle that you’ll have to love and care for. No, I’m not weird for preferring the company of motorcycles over people.

You’re weird for thinking that stuff like emotions and personality are better than a 1000cc engine and the magnificence of human engineering. Anyway, if you’re planning to hop into Days Gone (review coming soon!), you’re probably going to be in for a lengthy adventure. Sony Bend has crafted something gigantic, you’re going to be reloading save games plenty after “the world comes for you” and I’m a sucker for staring at video game environments.

Beyond that? Sony Bend plans to keep the Days Gone train rolling with a brand new set of challenges in June. “‘Survival’ difficulty mode tests players by daring them to beat the story with increased difficulty settings, no fast travel or Survival Vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen,” Bend Studio game director Jeff Ross wrote on the Sony Blog.

Every tweak and change made is designed to further immerse players and ratchet up the tension to make this the definitive survival experience.

Each week beginning in June, a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge will be deployed to test players even further. These challenges take key gameplay features of Days Gone, and twists them in unique ways to earn additional items and rewards. We’ll give you more information on the specific challenges down the road.

Victory in these modes will reward players with unique skins for their trusty two-wheeled steeds, because that’s what life is all about. Days Gone reviews will drop later today, in case you feel like taking bets. Will it earn a score in the 80s and thus earn a reputation for being literally unplayable? Who knowwwwwwws

Last Updated: April 25, 2019

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  1. I’d love to do real world challenges for a free paintjob skin for my bike

    – Go 3 work hours without shouting at someone
    – Eat a 1.2kg ribeye (again)
    – Go a day without coffee (gasp)


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