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DC Rebirth redesigns for the Teen Titans revealed

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The Teen Titans have always been divisive characters. Because let’s face it, the older you get and the more comics you buy with your disposable income, the more you hate those damn kids that flaunt their youth, ability to go a whole night without needing to use the toilet and their unblemished organs which haven’t fallen to years of abuse from having a cup of vodka for breakfast every morning.

So on the one hand, you have an audience of youngsters who want to start reading comic books. And on the other hand you have the parent who looks at the Teen Titans with disgust as they remember how Young Justice was taken off the air way too soon. Because kids man. KIDS. Anyway, with DC Rebirth on the way and everyone getting a redesign, so are the youngest team of heroes in that universe.

CBR posted the following images, which show off Robin, Kid Flash, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy in their new threads, as designed by Jonboy Meyers. Check it out:


I like it. The actual costumes are very much in tune with their classic looks, albeit with modern updates. Naturally, I can see older readers having a fit over the casual clothes that the Teen Titans are wearing, a Reddit thread I am more than excited to visit once it opens up and the whinging begins. The new Teen Titans series kicks off in October, with Meyers and writer Benjamin Percy leading the charge as Robin assumes command of a team that doesn’t want him.

Because Robin is a little dick and has been ever since he was first introduced several years ago. ANYWAY! If you’re looking for some Teen Titans fun, try watching Teen Titans Go, my current guilty pleasure cartoon. Or the recent Teen Titans vs. Justice League movie. It was rather solid, and pretty damn enjoyable. DC Rebirth kicks off this Wednesday, with the whole universe getting a big shake-up.

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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