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DC’s big Convergence event kicks off this week

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Convergence (5)

It’s that time of the year again. Much like movies, comic books have their own annual event, raising the stakes each year with a blockbuster that has been teased and hinted at for several years prior. You already know what Marvel has planned for the Secret Wars event. But they’re not the only mini-series in town that features colliding realities and worlds, as DC will be tackling a similar idea in Convergence.

And as usual, OCD fans are either going to be in their element or completely bankrupt. Possibly both. The core Convergence title will run for 9 issues (#0-#8), with just about every other book in the DCU taking part. Here’s what coming your way in the first week alone, with official solicitations and visitations from DC below:

Convergence #1

Convergence (4)

This is it! The entire DC Universe, from the dawn of time through The New 52, must fight to survive against a threat that bends the Multiverse to its will. Your favourite characters from every era and every forgotten series are all here! But are you going to say hello again just to say goodbye forever? The stakes have never been higher as the heroes of Crisis, Zero Hour, Elseworlds, and more are brought together for Convergence!

Convergence Atom #1

Convergence (6)

There’s a mysterious voice in Ray Palmer’s head! Does that mean The Atom is going mad? To find out what’s really going on, he’ll have to go down a road that will pit him against the ever deadly Deathstroke!

Convergence Batgirl #1

Convergence (12)

After a year living under the confinement of the dome, Stephanie Brown isn’t sure she wants to be Batgirl again. But when she’s attacked by Catman and Gorilla Grodd from the world of Flashpoint, she’s forced to put on the cape and cowl to fight alongside Red Robin and Cassandra Cain!

Convergence Batman & Robin #1

Convergence (11)

Being trapped in a domed city makes for a tense, inescapable family reunion as Batman struggles to keep the friction between Damian Wayne and Jason Todd from exploding!

Convergence Harley Quinn #1

Convergence (1)

Life for Harley Quinn has become downright normal over the last year. Will she be ready to go nuts when Catwoman and Poison Ivy draft her to fight – Captain Carrot?!

Convergence Justice League #1

Convergence (9)

The Justice League story you never expected to see begins when Supergirl, Zatanna, Vixen and Jade attend Jesse Quick’s baby shower, which quickly turns into a life-and-death struggle with Flashpoint Aquaman!

Convergence Nightwing and Oracle #1

Convergence (8)

Just as they’ve finally been reunited, the romance between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon is sentenced to execution by Flashpoint Hawkman and Hawkwoman!

Convergence Question #1

Convergence (3)

Two-Face is fighting another world’s Harvey Dent, and it’s up to Renee Montoya as The Question to help him beat the odds.

Convergence Speed Force #1

Convergence (2)

The fastest family alive loses its powers as Wally West and his kids face an uncertain future while trapped away from home. Will they be able to outrun the chaos that follows the arrival of Flashpoint Wonder Woman? Plus, don’t miss the most unexpected Zoo Crew character of all!

Convergence Superman #1

Convergence (7)

A powerless Superman is called upon to protect Gotham City…and his pregnant wife Lois Lane!

Convergence Titans #1

Convergence (10)

Starfire and Donna Troy track down Arsenal, who had retreated after the loss of his arm and the death of his daughter – but what they find is more terrifying than they ever could have expected!

After a couple of years, I’m actually pretty damn excited to see the older DC Universe from the pre-Flashpoint days make a comeback. Call me cynical (But never Shirley), but I’ve missed those particular comics. Now to go and find out if the local comic book store accepts blood transfusion payments.

Last Updated: April 8, 2015

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