Dead Nation swarming onto PSN this December

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You must have heard of this game by now; as far as downloadable titles go, Dead Nation is the one that has me most excited. It’s made by Housemarque, the same Finnish team that brought you Super Stardust HD. The game is similar to their previous twin-stick shooter but instead of space ships blowing up everything that moves, you’re a survivor of a zombie apocalypse.

Replace the rocks and enemies from Super Stardust HD with hundreds of zombie, and you’ve got Dead Nation. The game features two-player co-op mode both locally and online. The lighting looks amazing, it’s gory as hell and, did I mention that it’s a zombie apocalypse game? Gameplay video after the jump.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive will hit the North American PlayStation Network on 30 November 2010. PAL territory PSN stores (that’s us in South Africa) have the game pegged for 01 December 2010. Bring on the hordes of zombies, gratuitous violence and local co-op!

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 16, 2010

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