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Dead or Alive 5 is fighting sexism.. no it isn’t

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So June’s been a big month for sexism in videogames with thousands of articles published decrying booth babes and rampant sexism using any angle they can find. Well Dead or Alive 5 felt a bit left out so just as the outcry was dying down they released their pre-order bonuses and well, they haven’t taken the high road.

Instead of fighting against the sexism accusations that are constantly being sent their way and releasing pre-order bonuses that actually make sense and don’t paint them in a bad light they’ve decided to release 2 different bikini sets.

Yes if you buy your game from Gamestop you will receive the DOA Angels set which is a set of white swimwear for Kasumi, Leifang and Hitomi. Or if you decide to rather pre-order from Amazon then you get the DOA Devils set for the other three ladies Christie, Tina and Ayane.

Yes I understand, you don’t want to only sexually fantasize over only 3 of the characters you want all 6 to prance around in barely there bikini’s. Well don’t worry oh severely disturbed one, if you buy the collectors edition version then not only do you get an awesome looking steel case but you also get all 6 bikini’s.

Please note to avoid any confusion Team Ninja have decided not to release any male swimwear as DLC

And the obligatory picture…

Who needs a brain right?

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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