Dead or Alive Dimensions, video and screenshots (3DS)

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Dead or Alive was probably my favourite game on the original Xbox and not for the reasons most people instantly presume.

I used to love being able to play co-op tag team matches with the wife, something they inexplicitly removed from DOA 4. Now I know that the Dead or Alive Dimensions title on the 3DS isn’t going to include a proper co-op either but this title now has a special place in my heart so I have to post about i.

Check below for 3 videos and 9 mini screenshots of what the game is going to look like on the 3DS when it’s launched a little later this year.

DoAD-2 DoAD DoAD-1DoAD-4 DoAD-5 DoAD-6 DoAD-7 DoAD-8 DoAD-9

Source: VG247

Last Updated: January 20, 2011

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