Dead or alive, Robocop: The game is coming with me

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Remember a couple of years ago, when movie games were prevalent on current-gen systems? Most of the time, they were beyond crap, resulting in messes such as the Thor tie-in, and the legendarily awful GI Joe: Rise of COBRA. These days though, studios are content to pump those games out onto cheaper mobile platforms. Which is where Robocop is headed to next.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there’s a new Robocop movie on the way this year. It’s going to be more PG than the full-rated Detroit Jesus version that featured Peter Weller and the entire fake blood industry from 1987, but it’s exploring new ideas that the Paul Verhoeven directed film didn’t.

So in other words, we might have another Total Recall film on our hands. To go hand in hand with that simmering fan outrage comes the official game, which lists being free to play as a prime directive. All in all, it doesn’t look bad exactly and this is the closest we’ll get to a new Robocop game outside of the old TV game version in which I constantly failed to destroy all the Nuke drugs.

Man I spent a ton of time back at that shooting range. The film is out next month, so you can expect the game out around that time as well. And so far, actor Joel Kinnaman looks pretty capable as the future of law enforcement.

Because I’d really rather have him backing me up in a tight situation instead of TV License Robocop.

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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