Dead Rising 2 DLC out next month

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But as per usual there’s a catch: yep you guessed it! It’s exclusive to Xbox 360. This, however, we already knew. We also knew that it was called Case West and would feature everybody’s favourite zombie slayer, Frank West from the original Dead Rising. What we didn’t know were the finer details of the DLC.

Now we do. Case West will arrive next month and provide an epilogue chapter to the events of Dead Rising 2. In this closing chapter, Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene teams up with Frank West in order to investigate Phenotrans’s involvement in the zombie outbreak. The two travel to the Phenotrans Facility on the outskirts on Fortune City in order to slay the undead and find some answers.

The DLC will feature new weapons, new enemies, new challenges and new combo weapons. The DLC is designed to be played co-operatively over Xbox Live with one player taking control of Chuck and the other controlling Frank. You can still play the DLC by yourself, but then you’ll only be able to play as Chuck while the AI handles Frank – fortunately Frank is invulnerable in this mode.

Speaking of babysitting, the rescue missions will also be part of the DLC. This was one of the worst parts of Dead Rising 1 and when I heard that the feature would be making a return in Dead Rising 2 I said “no thanks” and turned elsewhere for my zombie slaying fix.

No exact release date or price for the DLC has been announced.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 30, 2010

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