Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle trailer

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Say what you will about the Xbox One and its lack of local release date, I’m still excited for the thing (I’ll have my cheque now, thanks). Mostly, I really want to kill a bunch of zombies in Dead Rising 3, a game I’ve been keen to play since it was first announced. If you’re one of the lucky few locals in possession of Dead Rising 3 (and a lot of bandwidth to spare,) here’s some info on its new DLC, Broken Eagle

Included as part of the Season Pass, Broken Arrow tells the first of four new stories set within Los Perdidos. Operation Broken Eagle puts you in control of Spec Ops commander Adam Kane, in his quest to find the missing US President in a world filled with the undead. You’ll get five new weapons, a new weapon combo, a new vehicle, a new outfit and more chances to bag achievements.

The actual DLC is single player only, but you’ll be able to use the new gear in your co-op games. It will, however, require the download of that mandatory 13Gb patch – which is necessary whether you plan to buy the DLC or not.

Microsoft, meanwhile, has detailed that patch a little more. And yes, it includes future DLC, locked behind a paywall.

  • Content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 added as part of this CU.
  • Various Stability Fixes.
  • Various Performance Improvements.
  • Online Stability improvements.
  • Added a progress bar to main menu while installer is running.
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the user to overwrite their save file during streaming install while the game is booted.
  • Fix for missing English VUI command in Multiplayer menu.
  • Some improvements to item pickups.
  • Fixed a reproducible issue where the player could get out of the world.
  • Fixed an issue where music wasn’t present during the streaming install.
  • Fixed some mission scripting issues.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause some co-op players to not progress blueprint collection achievements correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was not updating properly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused glass textures to appear low-res.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause shadows to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the Golden SledgeSaw weapon.
  • SmartGlass stability fix.

Here’s the DLC’s trailer.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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