Dead Rising 3’s latest patch is…how big?

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If you’re planning on getting a new console any time soon, make sure to provision for a whole lot of internet bandwidth, because you’re most certainly going to need it. According to the internet, the latest patch for Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One is nearly as big as the game itself.

The newest patch for the craft-your-own weapons, open world zombie-slasher clocks in at a rather incredible 13GB. The game, when first installed, takes up a total of 19.9Gb, so the patch is very nearly the size of the whole game. It is, in fact, bigger than some whole Xbox One games, including FIFA 14, Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, Killer Instinct and Madden NFL 25. It’s also not the game’s only patch – there’s a 3GB day one patch as well.


It also appears that the patch doesn’t really do anything. According to one NeoGAF poster, the update does little more than this, as outlined by patch notes:


System changes

 - System stability has been improved.


Speculation is that the update readies the game for impending DLC, and at that size should rightly contain all of the game’s extra content, allowing for multiplayer between players who have and haven’t purchased the game’s new DLC.

It’s funny; on the Xbox 360, Microsoft had the patching and update system down when compared to the PlayStation 3. Updates were very rarely more than a few megabytes thanks to incremental patching. On the PS3, the same updates for the same games would have clocked in at hundreds of megabytes – but it seems that may have been reversed for this generation. Not that PS4 game updates are all that small, really; I’ve had a few that are a couple of hundred megabytes, and one that was over a gigabyte…but nothing anywhere near 13Gbs.

Whichever console you end up going with, just make sure you’re not on any sort of metered internet plan…or wait for “Game of the year” versions of the titles you want to play.


Last Updated: January 20, 2014

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