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Dead Space 2 devs helping disabled gamer get his game on

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Visceral and EA’s survival horror sequel Dead Space 2 has been garnering near universal praise, even getting an exceptionally high 9.4 from our own Nick. One gamer who was less than impressed with the title, primarily because of its lack of input customisation is Gareth Garratt, who’d like to be able to map walking forward to his mouse so he can push it with his chin.

Why? Gareth suffers from cerebral palsy, which results in heavily impaired motors functions and physical disability. Amazingly, the developers have obliged, and a patch is on the way that’ll allow for full remapping of the controls for the Pc version.

Here’s what Visceral had to say :

“The Dead Space 2 team is aware of the issue that disabled players are having with Dead Space 2 PC. In fact a number of folks on our team are so passionate about getting this fix done that they are currently working hard to allow players to re-map key bindings to the mouse which should help disabled players enjoy the game.”

“In addition to the key binding fix the patch will include other fixes for PC players. Thank you for taking up the cause for our disabled players and letting us know about this problem. Once the patch is fully tested we will announce a release date.”

I’m becoming increasingly impressed with Visceral Games. Between this, replacing damaged copies and making damn fine games, they’re also endearing themselves to the gaming community through some pretty selfless work.

You can see Gareth’s incredible, inspiring gaming chin in action at Overclockers.co.uk.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: February 8, 2011

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