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Dead Space 2 First Look: Scary + Awesome = Scary Awesome

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Games Radar have gotten a first look at Dead Space 2 and while the game is still pretty far from finished, it’s looking mighty impressive.

Dead Space 2 will take place in a mining colony on the rings of Saturn and happens 3 years after the events from the first game. There are new features, new weapons and most importantly, new things to brown your pants and tear your limbs from your body.

I still have to finish the first game, but I’m still being a pansy about it, but now that the second game is coming it’s pushing me to carry on, damn it.

Full preview can be found here .

[Thanks Poddle for the tip]

Last Updated: February 25, 2010


  1. Stop been and Pansy and finish the game…. its epic you will not regret it.
    And OMG I cant wait for Dead Space 2 YAY :devil:


  2. Shodan

    February 25, 2010 at 11:49

    I just hope that they have learned their lesson of you don’t just pack in your repair tools when going off to some remote location deep in the middle of space to repair something…


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