Dead Space 2 Has a “Hardcore mode” That Would Make Nick Cry Blood

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Dead Space 2 releases locally at the end of this week, and I’m terribly keen for it. I’ve pre-ordered the game, stocked up on snacks, Redbull and Valium, and have an ample supply of adult nappies. Not because I’m incontinent or lazy, but because I fully expect to crap myself. Nick, as some of you regulars might recall, has been unable to finish the first game, because every time he tries he ends up crying in the foetal position.

Dead Space 2, it seems, has a mode that could potentially leave Nick sobbing uncontrollably for the remainder of his life.

Finish the game and you’ll unlock Hard Core mode, which is the same, difficulty wise as the hardest mode available from the start. What makes it different then? Why’s it hard core?

Well, you can only save 3 times. In the whole game.

“When we were thinking about what would be the ultimate difficulty mode, we were kicking around a lot of ideas,” SAID Wright Bagwell, the creative director of “Dead Space 2. “What we found was that it wasn’t really fun to continue to make the game harder by giving the enemies more hit points or giving you less bullets. It just crossed that line into frustration, and the combat doesn’t really feel good when you jack up the enemy hit points…it makes the game feel crappy.”

So how do you ramp up the difficulty and tension without making it “feel crappy”?

“How do we make players feel like it’s more challenging. I thought, well, one of the things that’s really comforting in a game is the ability to save. When you get to some place and you’re like, ‘Ahhhhh, save station, everything is OK.’ We thought, if that’s the one thing that makes players feel all warm and fuzzy and safe, then let’s take it away from them. That’s where the idea came from.”

I’m not entirely sure I’m cool with that idea. Somebody, hold me!

Remember, if you’re up for soiling yourself you can win your very own copy of Dead Space 2. Nappies not included.

Source : MTV

Last Updated: January 25, 2011

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