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Dead Space 3 will have a hundred hours of gameplay

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My subtle attempt at showcasing people talking out of their asses.

The previous Dead Space games, while pants-ruining good fun, weren’t exactly prime examples of a lengthy gameplay experience. True, Dead Space 2 did have some solid multiplayer thrown in, but nothing to really keep the action going for much longer, once the frights had worn off. Dead Space 3 is looking to change that, as the developers behind it claim that are literally a hundred hours of playtime within it. That’s a lot of nuts pants!

Speaking to AusGamers, Dead Space 3 associate producer Yara Khoury explained that the game’s weapon crafting feature will be responsible for all those mysterious streak marks in your underwear over dozens of hours, alongside some other features.

“I think Dead Space 3 is a little bit different,” Khoury said, “because we have a little bit more depth in gameplay, and also in the environments. So we have the beta-path, which are additional, and total optional levels to explore, which is great if you want to scavenge for great resources.

So this totally ties back into the weapon-crafting feature, and the resource management, where you have to explore the world to find the best resources that get you the best parts, and the most badass weapons that you can make. So this all ties in together, into that focus in our investment into making more options for our players to explore.

As for that 100 hours of gameplay, Khoury had this to say:

If you are into weapon crafting, you can spend literally one hundred hours in this thing. If you want to explore all the beta-paths; if you want to replay with the co-op; it’s way more about choice in Dead Space 3: you can really spend a lot of time doing that.

So I would say it’s a deeper game, that has more gameplay depth, and I think our players are going to find a lot of replayability value; more than in Dead Space and in Dead Space 2, actually.

I’m not doubting that Dead Space 3 has more replayability than previous versions, but a hundred hours? That’s Molyneux-talk right there. Take a game such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a massive open world with multiple paths and quests, and I’ve only sunk around 50 hours into, ten of which were loading screens, before I moved on.

Still, it’s nice to see that there is some thought going into making Dead Space 3 a title with a longer playtime.

Last Updated: September 4, 2012

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