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Dead Space devs working on brand new game

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Visceral Games is the studio that brought you the pants-wettingly scary Dead Space and its decidedly less scary, but ultimately more polished sequel. They were also responsible for the enjoyable, but flawed God of War clone inspired Dante’s Inferno.

According to a job listing, the team is currently hard at work on a brand new, “bold” triple-A IP.

“Here at Visceral, we are focused on creativity, polish, and shipping games that millions love. We are looking for game developers who want to join a AAA-quality studio and make AAA-quality games,” says the ad for Executive Producer for the project, which will have major EA backing.

There’s absolutely no word on what kind of game we can expect, but it does seem to be in the very, very early stages right now. Said producer would have to  “build a fully playable/shippable level demonstrating the key attributes of the game (game play, technology, linkages to outside media),” and later “expand the playable/shippable level to produce a full AAA title”.

I’m in two minds. I certainly look forward to whatever Visceral outputs; they’re behind one of my favourite new franchises this generation. On the other hand, I was really hoping they were busy with a Dante’s Inferno sequel – because I’d really like to see just how the hell (oh look, a pun!) they’d turn Dante’s Purgatorio, the second part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in to a video game.

Source : Gamasutra (via CVG)

Last Updated: March 2, 2011

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