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It’s not innovative in its game play, but my hour of pew pew slash slash just simply wasn’t long enough.  I enjoyed every moment that I got to spend with Deadpool;  It  felt like real quality time with ‘the merc with a mouth’.

The game opens in Deadpool’s dilapidated apartment.  The entire first chapter is just you wandering around his apartment, getting acquainted with the insanity that is Deadpool.  Yes, he’s got the two voices in his head, and breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis.  For example, you get achievements for just existing, so when the achievements start chiming, Deadpool comments on them and calls it “one of those games”.  Be aware, he is as foul-mouthed in the game as he is in the comic, swearing a-plenty and making tons of lewd references.  You may want to clear the room of anyone easily offended (or small children, I suppose).

The time spent in the apartment is full of references to other Marvel characters, as well as real world people.  You get called by Peter from High Moon Studios to discuss your idea about the video game, as well as a call you make to ‘Nolan’ to discuss future collaboration.  The jokes, casual movements and action options are all typically Deadpool – if you’re a fan of this anti-hero, you will enjoy it no end.  Oh, and don’t worry, there’re plenty of references to chimichangas!

I was impressed that they managed to bring the aesthetic and personality of Deadpool to the screen. The apartment looks like a high-res version of the comic book, only you can interact with it.  The voices in your head still pop up as white and yellow boxes, and are fully self-aware and also break the fourth wall.  In fact, in the next mission, the white box confesses to only being a PC gamer, which made me chuckle.

I appreciated the interactivity and randomness of this time with Deadpool in his apartment. It might not mean anything, or add anything of particular value, yet it seems like an homage to the fans.  Almost like the creators give you a present – here, make pancakes or eat pizza, giggle at the internet the way Deadpool would and watch some tv (while scratching the bulge in your pants with your gun).  The jokes, references and general atmosphere are spot on, proving to the player from the get go that this is a ‘real’ Deadpool game.  To be honest, I spent the whole time with a huge grin on my face.

The first chapter ends as you go on your mission to kidnap media tycoon, Chance White.  This chapter is all about pwnage, lots and lots of death and destruction.  You are instructed in using all your abilities, as well as introduced to the upgrade system.  There are a variety of available upgrades, from attack combos, to gaining more cash, to adding damage.  Again, nothing new here in the way of game play – you have light attack, heavy attack, dodge/teleport and jump.  Oh, and guns.  Used in combination, you can unleash all kinds of whirling dervish-ness of brutality.  Plus, there is the option to sneak up on your enemy.  You will know this is an option because Deadpool does his characteristic “sneaky walk” (think early Jim Carey).  I personally enjoyed sneaking up on the guard, only to use my gun to blow his head off.  Again, classic Deadpool.  

While it may seem pretty standard in games now, Deadpool has his signature regenerative powers.  I enjoyed getting beat up/shot and seeing the graphics as Deadpool went from bullet-ridden to normal again.  Plus, it helps someone like me who has a tendency to get hit by everything – make it much harder to die when you regenerate so quickly.

The game follows the platform/action format – move through the levels in the building using a variety of means, killing everything along the way.  If you get stuck and don’t know where to go, Deadpool has no problem breaking the fourth wall to talk to you and say what he thinks or sees.  Because truly, the focus of the game is not on puzzle solving or complex mechanisms.  It’s a game about running around and killing stuff while cracking jokes.  Lots and lots of jokes.  I must say that I spent the whole time massacring everything and giggling like a little girl.

If you are already a Deadpool fan, there is no doubt that you need to add this game to your collection – it’s tons of fun and absolutely spot on in its depiction of the anti-hero.  If you’re not already a fan of Deadpool, (and really, you should be) this game seems to be a fun, goofy and entertaining romp.

I couldn’t help but feel that I didn’t get enough time with the game.  Before I knew it, I was done, still left to wonder which characters will make appearances.  Will Bob, agent of Hydra, appear?  How about Spiderman?  Maybe the humor will be tired by the end of the game, but I honestly don’t think so – I believe that this game will be like spending the day with Deadpool.  And really, who wouldn’t enjoy that?!

Deadpool is releasing this week on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

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