Death will use any weapon available to him in Darksiders 2

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Back in 2010, Darksiders debuted, and was a smash-hit with gamers worldwide, especially thanks to the hulking actions of the main protagonist, War. Imagine if Link from the Legend of Zelda had grown up on a course of steroids and Hulk Hogan movies, and you’d have a pretty good idea what the character was capable of.

Of course, his fists could only get him so far throughout his quest, which is why he had an arsenal of weapons, from the obligatory massive sword, to exotic scythes and guns. For the sequel, players will step into the shoes of his brother Death, as he uncovers a massive conspiracy, but this horseman isn’t content with using just his signature scythe to grimly reap.

He’s going to kill with anything that he can lay his hands on.

“He’ll pretty much use any weapon that’s made available,” Vigil general manager David Adams explained to GoNintendo. “You can get big axes, you can get crazy cool claws, big iron fists – he’ll even shoot guns. He’ll use anything.”

That weapon flexibility extends even to Deaths own custom scythe weapon, which can be reconfigured in a number of ways, Adams says.

Death’s primary weapon is a scythe – it’s kind of a unique one, it’s sort of a multi-purpose, Swiss Army scythe. He can use it with two different blades, he can attach it together to form the more traditional reaper scythe, he can use it as a pole arm.

“His weapon is more Interesting (than War’s),” director Marvin Donald chimed in. “He can dual wield or use a single heavy weapon, depending on your play style.” Different weapons may be fun, but what about the actual combat prowess of Death? According to Adams, even that component is wildly different to the way War slaughtered his way through enemies.

Death is the most-feared – he’s one of the oldest horsemen in the fiction. They look at him as a big brother.He’s feared just because when he really gets down to business, he is the death dealer. That’s his trade. That’s his business. He takes people down.

The original Darksiders was a surprise hit for me, as it blended brutal action with challenging puzzles and a visual style that was pure eye-candy. So far, all the additions to the sequel are shaping up to make this title look stellar, and I personally can’t wait to step into some Horseman shoes again, when the games arrives in June.

In the meantime, enjoy this video detailing what goes on behind the mask of Death.

Last Updated: January 19, 2012

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