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Remember how happy I was that Dendi was coming? I’ve been preparing to smother him in all my fangirl glory. Well, not it appears that he will not be coming to rAge after all.

In a statement on the Na’Vi website, it was revealed that the flu Dendi picked up in Belarus has not abated.

We’ve tried to give it time to solve itself, with the help of medicine and antibiotics, but he has been advised not to travel at this time.

On behalf of Natus Vincere and SteelSeries, we want to extend our sincere apologies for everyone who was looking forward to meet and greet Danil at the upcoming rAge Expo. Both parties are now considering alternative opportunities to bring Dendi to South Africa in the nearest future and we will do everything possible to make such an event possible.

Terrible news! I know there will be some seriously disappointed Dota 2 fans out there. I’m one of them. Now I’ll have to wait to ask him my questions. I just hope the replacement event is soon – and awesome!

We spoke to Jason Borea, Marketing Director of Megarom, about this and he had the following to say on behalf of Megarom

“We are all devastated about the news, due to his massive following in SA and the value we know he would have brought to the South African fans. We have to appreciate that these things happen but can assure you that all partners will be working together in bringing Dendi to our shores in the near future. We sincerely hope Danil feels better and makes a speedy recovery.”

Last Updated: October 3, 2013

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