Despite popular belief the 3DS is actually booming

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It’s amazing what you can be led to believe simply by subjective reading and listening to rumours.

If anyone had asked you about how the Nintendo 3DS was doing you’d likely tell them that the sales are slow and the handheld is on the verge of being classed as a failure and you couldn’t be more wrong.

I’m not sure what we expected to happen when the 3DS was released to be honest but pretty much every media outlet worldwide has posted negative stories of it’s sales and abilities since its release and despite that the handheld has grown in sales week-on-week and has now just broken the 4 million mark.

And what’s more impressive is that it sold 4 million units quicker than the amazingly successful Nintendo Wii.

Granted, sales only really took off after they dropped the price and then exploded after Mario Kart was released but 4 million is still 4 million.

Ah but I hear the guy at the back yelling “Yeah but what about the PS Vita?”, well thanks for bringing that up my imaginary friend.

The PS Vita was released in Japan in early December and stormed out of the blocks with massive first week sales. Unfortunately it has now stumbled a bit with sales of only 72 479 last week putting it in 4th place on the Japanese charts. Charts that are being led by the 3DS with sales of 482 200.

Obviously we are still waiting on that killer PS Vita title and I suspect it’s going to pick up massively in sales once it’s been released worldwide. However for now let’s stop thinking that the 3DS is doing badly as it’s really not. 

Last Updated: January 4, 2012

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