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Destiny 2 – Adventures are quick missions with charm

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Destiny’s original mission structure was somewhat…odd. While every mission was designed with a long term goal in mind that progressed the story further, it didn’t help much that said story was the equivalent of clown pants. Narrative and a better focus arrived with successive expansions such as The House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron, but there was still a certain sense that the entire tale could have had done with a bit of fat-trimming on the side.

While I can’t get into the specifics of Destiny 2’s story, I can talk about its Adventures. Missions which feel more divorced from that campaign of the Red Legion, and more focused on introducing new characters as you get tasked with shooting your way to victory. In a way, Adventures are the narrative fat of Destiny 2 and that’s not a bad thing at all. I hear people like eating the fat from their meat, but who am I to judge your gross dietary habits.

ANYWAY! Adventures are pretty much lunchtime snacks within Destiny 2. They won’t break the bank on your time, consuming around 10-15 minutes of action from you and taking place in the world where you activate them. Here’s an example of one where I was tasked with punching the Taken in their stupid Oryx-obsessed faces:

Another Adventure had me fiddling with Red Legion technology:

While the third Adventure that I captured footage of from my Seattle journey had me putting a stop to Red Legion experimentation with Taken forces:

Adventures are simple. They’re properly voice-acted, small showcases for Destiny 2’s mix-up on genre staples and above all: They’re fun. A recurring theme in Destiny 2, which is seeking to emphasise action and a call to arms from what I’ve experienced so far. If anyone asks me what time it is, I’ll gladly shout that it’s adventure time whenever I play Destiny 2.

Last Updated: August 24, 2017

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