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Destiny 2 brings back reformed bastard Prince Uldren for its next season

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Who was the real villain of the original Destiny game? The Vex? A sapre organ from The Darkness worshipped by the parasitic time-travelling murder-robots from the future? An overabundance of hype that made the game a slog to play until The Taken King expansion arrived? WROONG! It was a sneering prince by the name of Uldren Sov, who thought he was better than you just because he’d been reborn as an immortal explorer after being caught in the crossfire of two opposing paracausal entities waging an endless war against each other.

Other than his initial appearance in Destiny, Uldren’s story didn’t make for hefty reading. It wouldn’t be until Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion that he would take a leading role, albeit this time as the killer of Hunter vanguard Cayde-6. A bounty was placed on his head, vengeance was overdue and Forsaken ended with someone finally putting a bullet in his head.

Season of the Hunt

The real twist though? Uldren would be resurrected after Riven’s curse had run its course in the Dreaming City, reborn as a Guardian and now wielding the power of the Light alongside his Ghost companion Pulled Pork. The slate had been wiped clean, and in Destiny 2: Beyond Light players will be able to join Uldren (who now goes by the name Crow) as he battles against the Hive god of war Xivu Arath, sister to the slain Oryx and next year’s big bad, Savathun the Witch Queen.

Uldren’s story is hinted at in the latest Destiny 2 ViDoc, which details just how important Beyond Light is to the overall narrative of Destiny 2. The first chapter in a trilogy of stories according to the developer, Beyond Light is adding a lot of content to Destiny 2, now that many of its older activities are being sealed away in the Destiny Vault.

This expansion also kicks off the Season of the Hunter, in which players can engage in new activities such as pursuing Wrathborn throughout the system, earn new Exotic Gear, and try out a brand new Strike. Bungie’s also trying something new with this season, as much of the gear tied to it will be around for the next year instead of just a few months.

It’s an interesting approach, and combined with the new Stasis subclasses that look amazing in action if you’re a fan of teamwork, the next year of Destiny 2 is shaping up to be an absolute banger.

Last Updated: October 28, 2020


  1. Which season of overpriced DLC is this planned for?


  2. Original Heretic

    October 28, 2020 at 17:43

    I keep wanting to play more of this game, but damn, them load times.
    I’ve got such a small window to game, I don’t wanna be stuck loading for half that time.


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