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Destiny 2 – More details on the four new zones to explore

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Destiny 2 environments (4)

Join the Guardians! See the world! Live, die and live again! See new worlds! Live, die and live again! Kill anything that isn’t human on them! Live, die and live again!

Yup, Destiny 2 is on track for a release later this year, and it’ll have you jetting off to exotic new locales that explore new corners of our solar system. In the first Destiny game, those initial locations before the expansions fleshed them out were rusting remains of the Cosmodrome on Earth, the Moon, Mars and the surprisingly habitable Venus.

Locations which hid secrets and the occasional glitched-up loot room that barfed out plenty of engrams and ammo back in the day. Destiny 2 features four new locations to explore: The European Dead Zone, the Vex planetoid Nessus, the Saturnian satellite Titan and the holy land of Io. Here’s what project lead Mark Noseworthy had to say about these new zones when I quizzed him about them at last week’s Destiny 2 reveal:

The European Dead Zone

On Earth we’re going to the European Dead Zone. It’s a lush forest that has been corrupted by this giant evil shard resting in the forest.


Nessus is an unstable planetoid that’s being transformed by the Vex. It has these incredible cliffs that you can explore and that’s the Inverted Spire, the strike you play, that’s on Nessus.


Titan is a satellite of Saturn and it has these incredible methane oceans where at the height of the Golden Age humanity was building these archeologies. And of course hundreds of years later now they’re abandoned, something has gone terribly wrong.


Io is the last place that the Traveler touched down before the collapse and it holds a very special place and history of our system.

I only got to experience Nessus in the Inverted Spire strike last week, which does live up to its description of feeling unstable.

It’s barren, but typically Vex in its design as numerous time-tech structures dot the surface between the killzones you have to navigate through as Cabal soldiers close in for the kill. It’s the European Dead Zone I’m personally wanting more of. Bungie told me that this is one of their biggest maps to date, a sprawling collection of high enemy activity and secrets to uncover.

Last Updated: May 25, 2017


  1. Will my stock 500gb PS4 be able to play this game? (Screw you Sony for making the PS4 Pro)


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