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Destiny 2 – A guided tour of the new Inverted Spire Strike

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A Raid may be Destiny at its most Destinyest, but I’ve loved me a good ol-fashioned strike. It’s the middle-ground between the long form structure of a Raid and the more open exploration of the sandbox activities of Destiny. A quick jaunt into an environment fraught with peril and the bullet-spongiest of bosses around. Destiny 2 has a brand new Strike featuring just those elements in the form of the Inverted Spire.

The Red Legion have been digging around some Vex ruins and they’ve managed to unearth something that is just the right amount of deadly for a fireteam of three Guardians to face. Here’s a video of it in action:

And here’s a more detailed breakdown. First up, the skies are now home to a few new ships on the horizon:

Destiny IPS (1)

And we’re off! Zavala is commanding this mission, alongside his own personal AI which goes by the name of Failsafe. Your Ghost doesn’t get on very well with her positive nature.

Destiny IPS (2)

There’s a new tweak to the enemy health bar system for Ultras, that divides their status up into segments. It’s minor, yet I love it.

Destiny 2 IP (11)

You’re going to need to be a master of jumps for this Strike. It’s not King’s Fall hard, but there is a slight deception to this platform segment:

Destiny 2 IP (12)

Or you could take a warp pipe like a certain Italian plumber is well-known for:

Destiny 2 IP (13)

Red Legion vs the Vex? Who will win?

Destiny 2 IP (14)


Destiny 2 IP (15)

A few more encounters later, and we’re finally dealing with the security team at the excavation site. The Red Legion aren’t giving this zone up without a fight. Such a pity that they’re grossly outclassed by the Guardians present.

Destiny 2 IP (16)

Also, I want to have babies with the new grenade launcher. It is life, glorious crowd-clearing life:

Destiny 2 IP (17)

To paraphrase South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut: I F***ING HATE WARBEASTS! GAAAAAAAH!

Destiny 2 IP (1)

Now comes the real fun: Finding yourself in a no respawn zone that happens to have three gigantic drill-heads spinning around you as it scraped the hole of your pretty faces and other assorted terms for geology. You’ve got to duck, dodge and weave past these deadly tools, while also dealing with Red Legion troops. My advice? Proper gunning it for your objective and ditching team spirit along the way. It’s every Guardian for themselves!

Destiny 2 IP (2)

Gee, I certainly do hope that this immobile Vex Guardian doesn’t come to life inside of the Inverted Spire and starts attempting to murder my face off.

Destiny 2 IP (3)


Destiny 2 IP (4)

Here’s the actual meat and potatoes of this Strike. The Modular Mind isn’t just a bullet-sponge, but also a three-tier boss. Part one of the fight has the massive bugger sending in waves of Hydra units while your Ghost yells at Failsafe. Protheon will then erase the platform beneath you. ROUND TWO MOTHER-LOVER! Protheon will start hitting the ground with deadly energy chains at this point that can knock you into orbit, while summoning in heavier ground troops. Keep chipping away and he’ll soon initiate level three.

Destiny 2 IP (5)


Destiny 2 IP (6)

This is a very good time to have a high-spec grenade launcher by the way. Proteon’s form will begin to wither at this point as more Vex arrive to join the fight. Keep chipping away and eventually:

Destiny 2 IP (7)


Destiny 2 IP (8)

At which point you’ll find yourself in a small arena surrounded by an ocean of burning data. Proteon wants you out yo!

Destiny 2 IP (9)

And that’s the first Strike of Destiny 2 done! A 23-minute maiden run for my team, done in one. You’ll get to do just that (and probably better) this September on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: May 22, 2017

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