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Destiny 2 – Hands on with the exhilarating opening mission

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When Destiny 2 launches, it’s going to have plenty of familiar Guardians ready to rock and roll. Guardians who know the difference between a Pulse Rifle and an Autorifle, Guardians who know how to combo a powered strike into a super to wreck massive amounts of damage right into the faces of enemies. Those faces had it coming, trust me.

For many other players however, Destiny 2 is their first taste of Bungie’s space epic. They’re going to be greener than a Fallen with their first blaster cannon. This is the point where Destiny needs to sell itself once again, with an opening level that shows off what makes the game so great: A sense of scale, overwhelming odds and the general badassery of being a Guardian.

Destiny 2’s opening level does just that.


Let me paint the scene for you. The Red Legion have invaded, they’ve wrecked the tower and the Traveller is down for the count as a strange siphoning device wraps its claws around the mythic orb of hope. The populace is running scared, the Red Legion Cabal units are running wilder than Hulkamania and everything feels f**ed.  What’s a Guardian to do? Fight back of course.

This is where Destiny feels natural. The odds are stacked against you, but you still prevail. From the familiar grounds of the Tower, it feels odd that this hub has become a warzone. Titan Vanguard Zavala is the first Guardian to meet you, as she pops Void bubbles and protects you from enemy fire while Red Legion troops fall before you. From there, it’s a short jaunt to tag team with Zavala as she starts wreckin’ Cabal ships and directs you to take the fight back to the enemy.


The Red Legion feels like a natural evolution of the Cabal. I always loved them as enemies, natural bullet sponges with a military mindset on roids. The Red Legion? They’re not just more brutal, they’re also well prepared and are downright deadly when they mix and match troops to counter your attacks. From heavily-armoured berserkers to Phalanx units who can pop a wider shield to help advance on you, they’re a force to be reckoned with.


Next thing you know, shipwright Amanda Holliday has you on board the Red Legion flagship and you’re doing what you do best. It’s typical Destiny action at this point, as it looks like the Guardians will prevail. Until Ghaul enters the picture and lays down the new law. Your light is gone, little Guardian. I loved this opening level. It felt epic, mad and looked utterly gorgeous in action.


Destiny 2 looks as good as it plays. The ambiance was thrilling, the character animations were uncanny and the action was relentless. That’s Destiny 2. Hell, that’s the calm before the storm, the first few minutes that sets the stage for what’s to come. If Destiny 2 can carry that opening momentum throughout its entire campaign with its numerous tweaks and upgrades, it’s going to be responsible for the best white-knuckle ride of the year.


Last Updated: May 19, 2017

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