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Destiny 2 – Here’s a look at the Vex-infested world of Nessus

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Four zones to patrol in Destiny 2 may not seem like much in comparison to the first game, but Destiny 2’s quartet of worlds are leagues apart from the locales present in the original title. You’ve got to remember that Destiny 1 also only had a quartet of areas on launch day: Earth’s cosmodrome, Venus, Mars and the Moon.

Unlike those zones however, Destiny 2’s new worlds are massive. You already saw a taste of the European Dead Zone, whose windings roads lead into Red Legion beachheads and Fallen scavenger camps. Here’s a look then at Nessus, a new planet found beyond the Reef. A minor planet of the Centaur class, the planetoid is filled with all manner of Vex threats and Red Legion reinforcements:

Beautiful, isn’t it? I think we can debate the content of Destiny until the that reality actually cycles into our plane of existence, but there’s just something about atmospheric design that allows worlds like this to be created.  Nessus plays to the strengths of Destiny: It’s expansive, it has several layers to it and beneath the surface there beats a deadly beauty that few other games can equal.


Nessus doesn’t stray too far from the design set forth by the European Dead Zone. While it appears to have all of its action above ground, there’s so much more to see underneath. Nessus is riddled with caves and tunnels, each one seemingly populated by a small army of annoyed Vex who are grumpy over the sudden influx of Red legion troops.


This of course leads further into the new Lost Sectors where Destiny 2 players will find a few bosses waiting for them every day, provided that they survive long enough to reach them. Much like the European Dead Zone has Devrim Kay who’ll hand out goodies in exchange for EDZ Tokens, players will also get a chance to interact with Failsafe, a ship AI who has spent the last couple of decades bored and wishing for company. Failsafe is awesome, and a wonderful foil to your Ghost. Especially when she promises revenge on him after a certain adventure goes awry.

Oh Failsafe, I hope you never change. Destiny 2 drops tomorrow, with two other worlds to explore as well: The massive rigs of Titan and the holy land of Io.

Last Updated: September 5, 2017

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