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Destiny 2 – Lost Sectors are a rewarding diversion

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Destiny 2 Lost Sectors (3)

I don’t have a decent attention span. More often than not, I always find myself HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL!

Squirrel (1)

Anyway, enough distractions. Back to the story on point AND HEY LOOK THE SQUIRREL IS BACK!

Squirrel (2)

DAMMIT! Okay, listen to me for a moment. Destiny 2, a game that is already filled with a stack of content. You’ve got Public Events, Adventures and the actual world itself to explore. A world which happens to have plenty underneath the surface, in the form of Lost Sectors. Not exactly missions, these Lost Sectors are off-the-beaten path diversions filled with all manner of enemies. Some of them of the bastard variety, who pack plenty of power behind each punch.

Is there a point to these Lost Sectors? Do you have to embark on them? Nope! The choice is entirely up to you. What’s especially neat here, is that Lost Sectors can be tackled whenever you spot one. You could be busy with a mission and find yourself navigating through some dank caves halfway through it, nary a penalty around for doing so.

In a way, Lost Sectors remind me of one of my favourite activities from the first slice of really solid Destiny DLC that was The House of Wolves: Hunting Fallen Wolf Captains. There was a joy in taking down these high-level foes, of teaming up with fellow Guardians for a firefight which rewarded players with chests full of sweet loot.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors (2)

It’s a feature that Lost Sectors has echoes of, with worthwhile rewards to boot. Not a bad way to spend a few minutes in Destiny 2.

Last Updated: August 24, 2017

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