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Destiny 2 PC players report bans just for running common tools like discord

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Yesterday, Destiny 2 went live on PC, finally bringing Bungie’s fight for humanity to PC gamers – only with a silky-smooth, 60fps framerate. For the most part, it’s been a smooth launch, but there are numerous reports of people getting banned simple for having common PC software tools installed.

There are reports that many bits of software that induce overlays of any sort are causing player bans. That’s innocuous stuff like Discord, Fraps, Mumble – and even streaming apps like OBS and XSplit. Some of the bundled hardware monitoring software that ships with laptops, like MSI’s afterburner are also apparently triggering bans.

Bungie does state that these sorts of applications may be incompatible with the game on their forums, but doesn’t suggest players will be banned for using them.

Says one affected user:

“I purchased a gaming laptop for this game. Factory reset, the only things I installed are Windows Updates and Battle.net and Destiny 2. Banned about 5 minutes after I started my first character. There is nothing running on this PC but Windows and the game. Nothing in my email explaining why the account was banned, no recourse other than the Bungie.net forums where they are just giving people a canned response, no explanation and no recourse? So glad I purchased this PC and spent $60 on a game I can’t play.”

Says another:

“Well I’m seeing many other people saying that they are being banned simply in the first second they are entering the game as I did not even have how to create the character and I did not have the possibility to enter I believe that the program has a bug I read all the rules and I did not nothing to be banned wanted an official response to believe in a Bungie transparency.

if you have also been banned without doing anything post here to know the problem!

edit1: apparently a lot of people are being banned for some random reason even without any linked overlay application.”

Of course, Bungie obviously wants to keep its game free from cheaters. PC gaming is a scourge when it comes to cheats, but their software is possibly being a little overzealous right now. There are suggestions on Reddit and other gaming forums that the bans are permanent (as per bungie), but it appears that bans are already being overturned. I’d definitely peg this as being a bug in the anti-cheating systems, or a bit of overenthusiastic tuning. Conversely, there appears to be a wealth of people streaming the game with overlays without issue.

If you are planning to play the game on PC, then it’s probably best to disable any sort of software that can inject code into the game.

Last Updated: October 25, 2017

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