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Destiny 2 players are being true gentlemen about a new AFK farming exploit

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So you’ve started the quest to obtain Bad Juju in Destiny 2. You’re filling up the chamber of triumphs with statues that recognise your various exploits, the grind is going swell and then you hit that other bump in the road: The silly amount of planetary materials you need with which to finally get your hands on that delightful weapon and its Exotic catalyst.

Now to be fair, you can grind for those planetary materials through quick missions in patrol zones and by purchasing them from Spider in the Reef. That’s hard work though and I already don’t like the sound of that. Instead, there is a better way to cheese the system and get the majority of the grinding done overnight.

Destiny 2 players have been hitting the recently introduced Forges, where players can battle it out against overwhelming odds in an effort to build new weapons, but as detailed by YouTuber Fallout Plays, some players are using that activity to farm for materials by doing a little of the ol’ AFK. Which in the parlance of kids, means Away From Keyboard.

Anyway, you can play the mode, beat the clock and get some rad loot or you can just stand there like a pinhead and receive some participation awards when you kick the bucket. Leave your Guardian overnight to do this and you’ll come back the following morning to a stack of Dusklight Shards and Microphasic Datalattice.

Here’s the catch though: Doing this is kind of awful as Forge activities require three Guardians to work in sync and nobody has time for some dead weight to ruin an otherwise fun activity. With Destiny 2, the community is actually kind of great (well until the New Light free to play version brings in the awful Fortnite crowd I’m assuming) and people who are cheesing the system have come up with a novel method for keeping serious Guardians away from their shenanigans.

These Guardians are equipping the lowest armour possible that they can find (usually the beginner-friendly green stuff you can buy from many vendors), which has a knock-on effect of placing them with other low-Light players who are also looking to do some farming on the side. That leaves the Forge lobby filled with similarly-grouped Guardians, whose higher overall power level keeps the two groups largely separate. Neat, right?

Even so, this exploit will probably be hot-fixed soon enough by the eagle eyes of Bungie once they catch wind of this by seeing this story repeated on several websites. So uh…sorry?

Last Updated: July 17, 2019

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