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Destiny 2 – How to get the Bad Juju exotic pulse rifle

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Bad Juju D2

Bad Juju is back! One of the very best exotic weapons from the days of the first Destiny game, Bad Juju is a demonic death-dealer straight out of Toland the Shattered’s arsenal. It’s devilish, hard-hitting and the pinnacle of that weapon class, which makes it a kind of brilliant device for dealing with trash mobs and pinpoint accuracy in the Crucible.

As for getting your hands on the weapon? Kind of a grind but not too difficult at the end of the day. Here’s how you can get your hands on a fan favourite weapon as Destiny 2’s new Age of Triumph unfolds.

Fill the Tribute Hall

On Nessus, retrieve the chest next to Werner on the barge. The quest will start from here, where you’ll be directed to go have a chat with the Emperor Calus statue in the Tribute Hall. Complete one bounty and the next part of the quest will begin.

Tribute trinity

With the bounty complete, Calus will open up the Tribute Hall and you’ll then be tasked with placing three Tributes inside to proceed further. Each tribute that you can buy from the Visage of Calus costs plenty, but these can be discounted by completing one of the four available bounties every day. With all those boons, you’ll eventually be able to buy your three tributes and claim them in from the Triumphs tab.

Complete the war beasts tribute collection

Calus is looking for specific tributes, so you’ll need to work on completing the center collection tributes. Every three tributes unlocks a specific memory which then unlocks another tribute in turn, furthering the quest. Basically, you’ll want to complete 18 tributes in total to go further. Once all five war beast tributes have been placed, the Bad Juju mission proper will unlock.

Pest Control

With 18 tributes offered, speak to the Visage of Calus and then open the chest inside the hall to rip open an Ascendant Portal which will start the “Other Side” adventure. Which is also the name of a banging Red Hot Chilli Peppers track. It’s a linear mission that’ll have you blasting a way forward, doing some light platforming and being rewarded with Bad Juju right at the end. Simple!

Which can’t be said for the Exotic Catalyst needed for Bad Juju’s ultimate upgrade, which will require you to farm a whopping 45 tributes but hey at least you have one of the best pulse rifles in the game now! Bad Juju remains relatively unchanged from the Destiny 1 days: It’s a fast-hitting pulse rifle that reloads on each kill, does extra damage with the String of Curses perk and fills your Super bar up that much quicker. Once upgraded with the exotic catalyst, String of Curses will last longer in action.

Last Updated: July 10, 2019

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