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Destiny 2 – Tips and tricks for mastering the new Supers

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There’s something different about how Guardians work their Super magic in Destiny 2. While most of the ultimate abilities of those subclasses were of the wham-thank-you-ma’am variety from the first incarnation of Bungie’s space opera, Destiny 2 gives new Guardians more control over the sum total expression of their chosen subclass.

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What Destiny 2 doesn’t do, is tell you how to use them properly. At least,not in the beta so far. Hell, the beta doesn’t even mention that holding down Circle/B on your controller will pop a shield or a healing buff, something that Gavin was amazed to hear this morning. So if you’re struggling on how to use your Supers just right, don’t worry: We’ve got a quick primer here for you.



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When your Titan throws his mighty shiiiiieeeeeld, all those smelly Cabal should yiiiieeeeeeeeeld! Obvious Captain America influences aside, the Sentinel is now a perfect defensive subclass for the Titan on the go, while also giving the big fella plenty of mobility and offense. Popping the Super gives you a shield, one that you can use to pull off a few Winter Soldier stunts and charge through enemies.

R1/RB gives you a quick bash attack, while holding down L2/LT allows you to guard against incoming attacks and charge the shield up. Here’s where things get fun: L1/LB gives you a single throw of the shield (Only one! Stop mashing the button already), that can ricochet between enemies.Perfect crowd control. Other combos include:

  • R1,R2/RB,RT – Dash and attack
  • L1+R1/LB+RB – Pop a traditional Ward of Dawn shield bubble


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Ah, the good ol’ Fist of Havoc. In Destiny, the Titan Arc subclass was the equivalent of a Stone Cold Stunner. A finishing move that can be used to punctuate the end of an attack, or a last ditch desperation attack that could clear the field in front of you. You activated the Fists of Havoc and it was done. One shot, win or miss.

In Destiny 2, the Fists of Havoc now get a lot more action. Pound that ground not once but several times, albeit it with the caveat of you needing to be more precise or you’ll spaz all over the battlefield unleashing Arc energy. R1/RB allows you to do a shoulder tackle now, while R2/RT does the Finisher. Combo in from an R1/RB charge for the actual grand slam, and you’ll be gravy when reviving this classic.



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Everybody’s favourite class is a hell of a lot more acrobatic now thanks to the Arcstrider subclass. The Arc Staff is a Super born of speed and agility, tasking Guardians with having to dodge attacks and leap in for the kill. You’re well equipped to do just that when you activate it, as the Arcstrider can drop a few heavy combos on enemies in addition to increased dodges and standard attacks.

R1/RB is a regular charged swing of the staff, while other combinations increase the damage exponentially:

  • R1,R1,R1/RB,RB,RB – A quick trio of attacks which has area of effect damage
  • R1,R1,R2/RB,RB,RT – Another flurry of hits, with an even bigger area of effect money-shot
  • R2/RT – If you pop this button right after an R1/RB attack, you’ll leap forward and fire off an arc-energy blast that is cone-shaped in its destructiveness

Golden Gun

Destiny 2 (7)

The classic attack, and one that you see Cayde-6 demonstrate expertly when you meet him early on in the Beta. Activate Golden Gun and you’ll get a magical revolver that fires off three massively powerful rounds that can instantly incinerate regular grunts and leave elite enemies begging for mercy. There’s not much more to it than that, although you can expect to be able to upgrade it in time to fire off six shots in total. Fan that hammer!



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THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! By far my favourite new Super, the Daybreak of the Dawnblade subclass is a power fantasy at its finest. It’s simple enough: Activate your super and you’ll form a sword of pure solar energy that’ll make you the most lethal hippie of all time since Superman arrived on the scene. Deadly and malleable, the Daybreak attack can be further modded to give you a dodge in the form of the Icarus Dash, while you reign solar damage from above upon your foes.

Simply tap R1, and you’ll be flinging high-damage blades at a frightening pace. Simple stuff really, although I can’t wait to see if the Stormcaller subclass will be massively tuned and tweaked in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 (8)

I covered this one yesterday, but the long and short of the new Nova Bomb is simple: You can either fire off a big bang attack that opens up a rift of damaging Void energy, or mod the Super ability into a heat-seeking pair of missiles that are tenacious to say the least. And that’s it! A quick primer on how to really get the most out of those new abilities your Guardian is rocking.

You’ve got until July 23 to enjoy the beta. Which also includes bonus cursing of the Vex Modular Mind in the Inverted Spire strike. Worra bastard.

Last Updated: July 20, 2017


  1. Loving how nearly impossible the Warlock is to kill now… pop the little healing zone and pew pew more


  2. Pieter Kruger

    July 20, 2017 at 16:57

    Destiny must be the game with the most DLC ever…..


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