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Destiny 2 – Tokens are going to take the grind out of earning Faction Rewards

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Destiny 2 EDZ Tokens (1)

Here’s a complaint that I had about Destiny the first: Vanguard and faction reputation. On the surface, the idea was solid: Patrols and bounties would net you points that would go towards increasing your stake within the cliques of your chosen class and allegiance, earning Guardians gear and weapons related to their current Light Level.

An interesting twist, that was supposed to keep players coming back for more. A pity then, that doing just that was painfully slow. Patrols and bounties offered minimal points, to the effect where you’d swear a micro transaction was waiting around the corner, ready for you to stumble through and be all like “Psst hey kid wanna buy some New Monarchy rep?”.

Granted, you could buy your way into an inner circle with Motes of Light and random gear, but with Glimmer being capped and not always plentiful, that system would soon reach its limit. Last week’s trip to Seattle revealed a new side to earning better gear in Destiny 2: Tokens. Specifically European Dead Zone Tokens, which could be used to unlock higher tiers of respect (RESPECT!) from local frontier scout and gentleman sniper Devrim Kay.

Destiny 2 EDZ Tokens (4)

The system was simple enough: Kill a few high-level bosses out in the wild, raid some loot chest or find an EDZ token from a random kill, and you’d be swimming in coins in no time. With more tiers unlocked successively, the gear gets better and the urge to spend more bullets on tokens grows. Just one of several new facets that Destiny 2 is bringing to the table when it launches on September 6.

Last Updated: August 24, 2017

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