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Destiny 2’s big Beyond Light expansion has been delayed to November 10

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Run from it, dread it, Destiny still arrives…usually in September. Bungie’s space sandbox has been an annual fixture since 2014, usually rocking up in September to drop a hefty new expansion that fills your hard drive up with new locations and some sweet sweet loot. Last year’s Shadowkeep slightly bucked the trend, coming out in October after suffering the slightest of delays.

This year’s Beyond Light expansion? That’ll also be late, as it’s slipping from its original September release date to November 10.  “The past few months have been a challenge and will continue to be during this pandemic,” Bungie wrote on its website.

We’ve learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another. Despite these hurdles, we’re still committed to the same level of quality that our fans expect.

As the first chapter in a new trilogy of expansions, Beyond Light is the beginning of a new era of Destiny 2. We have a powerful story to tell and incredible new features that we’re really excited for players to experience. As always, our goal is to make the coolest, most entertaining expansion we can possibly make for our fans. To that end, we are doing what’s best for the game and moving the launch date. 

To make up for the perfectly understandable slip in this virulent day and age, Bungie will extend the current Season of Arrivals to November, which will keep plenty of Destiny content that’s currently on the chopping block, in action until it is moved into the vault. It’s not too much of a wait to finally see what all the hubbub is about since Destiny 2 teased the mysterious pyramid ships at the conclusion of the Red War saga in 2017, but it is one that feels somewhat suicidal in its timing.

Not only will Beyond Light be arriving a few days after Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion hits the scene, but it’ll also be in direct competition with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. That’s one fight that a cosmic-powered Guardian wielding the most exotic of weapons, might not be able to shoot their way out of for once.

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

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