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Destiny 2’s Silly Walk emote is now pining for the fjords

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I’m sorry that this article took so long to write, but my walk seems to have gotten sillier as of late. If you’re a regular in Destiny 2 and you’ve crushed me in the Iron banner, you might have noticed that I end those matches by finally giving up and proceeding to do the dance of my people. Making use of an emote that is known within Destiny 2 as the Bureaucratic Walk, it is an emote that is…well it’s  just silly isn’t it?

It’s also a wonderful nod to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and John Cleese’s legendary sketch wherein he pops up as a bureaucrat within the Ministry for Silly Walks. If you’re as young/ignorant as Al, then here’s a reminder of it. I’m using the Hollywood Bowl version of that sketch, because it’s the best incarnation of it:

Silly sketch, right? If you were perusing Tess Everess’ store last week, you probably spotted it up for sale. As a Monty Python fanboy who has several of Terry Gilliam’s cartoons tattooed across my body, I had to have it. Finally, a decent use for my Bright Dust instead of waiting for a new skin for the Sunshot to roll back into the shop again.

Sounds about right then, doesn’t it? Bungie pays tribute to Monty Python, fans use spare Bright Dust (or actual cash, cha-ching baby) to get in on that affection and everyone is happy as they inappropriately bust out a silly walk. Or, and hear me out here, you can use that Silly Walk ™ for evil. Like glitching your Guardian into spaces where they really shouldn’t be.

Which is probably why you spotted Guardians standing next to Tess and in other locales. Youtuber Djxyz0 has a video detailing the process to get the glitch done just right:

If you’re thinking that you’d like to get in on that action, good luck. Bungie has removed the emote from the Eververse store, to prevent more players from exploiting its bug. As for people who already have it, expect that emote to be adjusted in a hotfix soon enough. Or just removed from your inventory entirely. Who knows, right? Bungie has all the power, so I’m going to spend my last few hours with this emote, wall-glitching away.

It’s totally better than my last Silly Walk emote anyway, as the right leg wasn’t silly at all and the left leg merely did a forward aerial half turn every alternate step.

Last Updated: October 17, 2017


  1. Came for the headline, stayed for the rest of the silly walk jokes. Jason-approved.


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