Destiny Beta players faked moon landings

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The Destiny Beta was a big deal. It’s gotten tons of attention and helped the developers fix the game in ways they couldn’t have anticipated without millions of people pushing capacity to its limits. Now Bungie has rewarded us with an infographic.

I love how we all enjoy infographics – we could see the same information in article or table form and it’s not nearly as cool. I suppose it’s the “soundbite” approach to reporting online, but either way, here is the highly entertaining image with plenty of data in easy to digest form.

Bungie is really grateful for the help all your faked moon landings and companion app downloads had to offer. In the end, as much as the beta was a cool opportunity for us to see what the game was all about, it also let the developers see where they still need to fix things, as well as get feedback on what people liked or didn’t.

We’re running out of ways to thank you for what the Beta has meant to us. We hope you had fun. Destiny will be a better game because you played it. Perhaps that’s the best gesture we can manage – to deliver a game that’s better than it was before your contribution.

Were you one of the many people who downloaded the companion app? I didn’t, but maybe I should have. It looks quite cool, although I’m not one to ogle my gear on the go. Were you one of the stats in the infographic, or will you be picking up the full game instead of spoiling yourself with the Beta?

Last Updated: August 4, 2014

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