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Destiny – Ether Chest location guide

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Ether Chest

What the hell is an Ether chest? It’s a gateway to all your hopes, dreams and goals in life. Provided said ambitions revolve around obtaining fantastic loot in Destiny. The latest Destiny patch has thrown these sought-after chests into the game, provided that you were able to vanquish several of the wanted Fallen in the Queen’s Wrath bounties. They’re still hard as nails to find however, but we’ve got your back.

Once you’ve murdered a specific Fallen target, you’ll have around 60 seconds to find one of the Ether chests, which spawn randomly at certain locations. But they’re well worth the hunt, as they contain everything from ammo, weapon materials to legendary engrams. Big thanks to the numerous Guardians of Reddit for figuring out a bunch of locations already. Images are hyperlinked in the descriptions, for those of you who want to avoid spoilers.

The Forgotten Shores – Drevis the Wolf Baroness

Ether Chest Russia cosmodrome


Skywatch – Kalik-12



The Citadel – Peekis The Disavowed

The Citadel


Ember Caves – Beltrik The Veiled

Ember caves

Anchor of Light – Saviks the Queenbreaker


Archer’s Line – Weksis the Meek

Archers Line

There’s still more bounties to uncover. Stay tuned to this post, and I’ll update as soon as more are discovered.

Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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