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Destiny has a ton of PlayStation exclusive content

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Destiny is literally around the corner. I’m extremely excited to jump back into Bungie’s online adventure on Xbox One with a few friends, but we’re going to be missing out on quite a bit on content that only Sony players will get access to. Consider me jealous.

Destiny’s PlayStation exclusive content has been spoken about for a long time now, and it’s already been made clear that all the content will only be exclusive for a litte over a year. What wasn’t clear was what the content would be, something which is explained in a new trailer for the DLC.

Sony users will get exclusive Strike Missions, weapons, armor and kick-ass ships, all of which make up a pretty hefty hunk of content that Xbox players will have to wait a long time for. If you aren’t able to check out all the shiny content in the trailer below, here’s a quick rundown of what exactly is coming.


  • Dust Palace, an exclusive co-op Strike mission for up to three people.
  • Exodus Blue, a multiplayer map that pairs up well with Control and Skirmish game modes


  • Manifold Seeker for the Warlock class.
  • Vamir for Titans, which looks a lot like a bigger version of the Seeker.
  • Lastly Hunters get a set called the Argus, a light piece of protection for all your scouting needs.


  • The Monte Carlo, which is an exotic assault rifle with an equally exotic name.
  • The Hawkmoon, a hand cannon which deserves a spot in any gunslinger’s arsenal.


  • Aurora Wake
  • Crypt Hammer
  • Outrageous Fortune

Bungie has indicated that this content is exclusive until Fall 2015, after which it could make its way to Xbox. Until then though, you can’t really argue with the tagline in the trailer; the ultimate Destiny experience definitely does look like it’s on PlayStation.

Again, I’m extremely jealous. Especially since I love me a good hand cannon for my Hunter.

Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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